Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Epic Fail Birthday Surprise

17th of March officially spells the day I got everything mixed up. I actually thought Elwyn's farewell lunch was today (Sunday) and hence, I've arranged a surprise birthday lunch with my high school friends - Michelle Tan, Wee Sheong and Khin Chew.

Felt so bad for missing lunch with them that I've decided to join them for dinner together with Eric and Caroline. But that's a story for another post.

Here in this post, it'll be all about the lunch I had with my high school friends at Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant, One Utama.

Micht and I went over to Secret Recipe located somewhere near our house to get the cakes before we pick Wee Sheong up and head over to One Utama. We took somewhere between 20 minutes to get it because we were formulating plans on:

  1. How to surprise two person at the same time. Khin Chew knows that we're celebrating for Wee Sheong so that's ONE cake. And we wanted to surprise Khin Chew as well because we did not celebrate his birthday. So it'll be somewhat a counter-surprise to the first surprise. Hence, we bought another cake for that purpose. A very complicated plan but yeah, that's exactly what we did.
  2. How should we hide the cake from Wee Sheong and Khin Chew's sight. We agreed to stuff both boxes into my bag since it's big enough to fit both cakes and my camera in it.
  3. How do we arrange for the cakes to be brought out. In the end, we numbered the boxes with (1) for the first cake to come out and (2) for the second cake.\
After that brain wrecking plan, we were good to go.

Told the waitress there about our plan but all we got from her was "I'll try my best." What does that even mean? lol. Then luckily their manager came to the rescue and understood what we wanted.

Lunch was awesome (will leave this to the next post).

After the three of us had our plates cleared, except Micht who was still munching on her corn cob, a manager of sort (dunno what position he holds but he was wearing the white uniform) came over to our table holding some recently cleared plates, looked over at Wee Sheong (the Birthday boy!!) and asked "So, are you ready for the cake?"

You should see the stun faces of me and Micht (she was so stunned that she stopped munching and her hands was hanging midair with the corn cob in hand). Super epic.

Still with the shock face, I slowly shocked my head. Couldn't utter any word because my mind was not functioning very well. But after 10 seconds my mind begun to register what happened and it started screaming "OMG. Wtf. Go away!"

I think he got the message and was saying "OMG" in his head because he wasted no time in walking away. Wee Sheong then turned to us and said "HAHA! Epic fail!" and we all sat there laughing for a good 10 minutes.

But what they didn't know was there was a back up cake! And this time it was a success! Good think we've thought about the counter surprise thing.

All the talk about epic fail birthday surprises and this is one of the best that I've ever experienced. No guests leaked out the surprise to the birthday guy/girl like the usual, but the story as written above is what happened.

In the end, we weren't charged for the ice-cream we added on our muffin and got an apology from the first manager that I spoke to when I was telling him of our plan. It was the laughter that we have had that made the day.

It is an #epicfail birthday surprise which turned successful in the end.

Have you experience anything like that before?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but this was a story that I wanted to put it in the records. haha


Charmaine said...

HAHAHA the manager ruined ur surprise!! LOL!

Eunice said...

haha! agree with Charmaine! so funny! >.<

MichLeong said...

Charmaine & Eunice: Seriously! This time around no one spill the beans about the surprise but that manager was the one who spoilt everything. o.o Lucky we had a backup cake.

Nevertheless, it was a funny moment. Not all birthday surprise failed this way. lol

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

your bag can fit TWO cakes? that's really surprising!

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MichLeong said...

Fish: Small ones. Some sort of muffins of sort. We didn't buy the whole cake. lol.

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