Thursday, November 11, 2010

OktoberFest @ One Utama

Disclaimer: Post below may contain non-halal food and beverages.

OktoberFest was held at One Utama's Rainforest two weeks ago (29th - 31st October 2010). The event caught our (Wee Sheong, Khin Chew and I) attention because of the "free beer for One Card members" or / and "RM0.50 x 2 beer" that we can get there.

I don't usually drink since I'll get very tipsy even after just one can of beer, but this was for fun to see what the hype of OktoberFest is all about. And since I had One Card, the beer was free and I even got a RM5.00 voucher to purchase food and drinks there.

We reached there at about 5.45pm and started to queue. Had to queue myself since the guys don't own a One Card. Queue was short then, but when the clock strikes 6.00pm, more turned up.

I was no.36 on line. Supposed to be no.35 until a lady, whose two girlfriends were in front of me, cut my line. *grrr* But lucky we were queued in front, so I don't have to worry about not getting one bottle for myself. pfft.

The organisers were pretty responsible as they've put up posters like this... 

  ...around the area since it was a beer and non-halal event.

At 6pm sharp, the beer distribution counter opened, and the queue moved pretty fast since I got my bottle within 5 minutes.

The staff there that was giving out the numbers worked pretty efficient, since they were no delays  in verifying my card.
Least, it was when I was queuing...

The beer that was given away and being bought at RM0.50 x 2 wasn't Carlsberg or Heineken. It was some Munich (German) beer named Lowenbrau.
Bitter tasting beer is one of the reason why I don't fancy drinking beer. But Lowenbreu didn't taste anything like that because it didn't taste really really bitter which suits my taste bud.

There, at OktoberFest, music was blast through speakers, which caused all the shoutings whenever we were to talk to each other.

There were a band, all dressed like "Chinese primary school children" - Quoted by Wee Sheong, playing there to attract and direct the crowd to where beers were sold and distribute.

There were also food stalls all around with food ranging from chicken, to beef and lamb and etc. We personally ordered two meet-y food to be shared since it was really costly. Costly till we had to forgo the every delicious looking sausage. 0.0

So this is what we got:
Full Braised lamb with Guinness with potato and superdelicious sauce. - RM25

Some pork thingy (Don't remember what is it called) but all the same, they taste very good! - RM15

There also foreign entertainers (dunno what to call them. lol) who were nicely dressed in German outfit... which Khin Chew initiated to take a pictures with them 'cos she was pretty. haha..

 I only drank one bottle, but in the end, I glup down about 3cm of drink left in my bottle since we had to leave. That action left me swaying left and right the whole journey to the car park and then slump down on the car seat on the way home.

Had to stop by Nasi Kandar Sedap (NKS) to get...
teh halia to sober myself before I get home.

However, it was a really nice experience being able to attend my first OktoberFest with my friends.
To go again next year? Haha..maybe, but drinking is not really my cup of tea - or in this case beer.

Click here to know more about OktoberFest if you don't already know. :)


lionel0008 said...

Teh halia....brings back memories.
I assume that you kept your mouth shut while you were drunk at the time. :)

MichLeong said...

Well well well, it's true that I kept quiet again..and slept in the car till we reached AMS. lol..

Im sure teh halia brings lots of memories to you. HAHAHA

Chester Chin said...

The beginning damn funny. Hahahahahaha was it necessary to point out the non-Halalness?

MichLeong said...

yes, cos got pork.

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